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Stable releases



Development releases

Snapshots (automatic builds)


Linux Debian (testing)

OS/2 or eComStation

These files must be installed in U:\usr\rpl and do not work if they are installed in another directory. OS/2 defines TMP variable that overwrite some internal paths. To avoid this trouble, you have to define RPL_TMP_PATH in CONFIG.SYS like SET RPL_TMP_PATH=U:/tmp.

Warning, OS/2 port remains in beta stage ! You should have to install a Bourne shell in U:\extras\bin.

Windows (Cygwin)

This tarball is given without any warranty as threads and signals is partially unsupported or broken on Cygwin. RPL/2 can stop with segmentation faults or internal memory corruption. These issues do not come from RPL/2 code but from Cygwin.



This documentation is provided under license. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to place it on another web page, to modify this file or to print even for personal use. This last restriction remains valid for parts of this work.

I do not have time enough to provide good RPL/2 releases, exhaustive documentation and translation of this documentation. For some reasons, I have to write an exhaustive french documentation and I have removed the old english translation from CVS tree and tarballs since RPL/2 4.0.10. I cannot fix some mistakes in this documentation that was translated a long time ago and I am not able to contact its translater anymore. I do not have TeX sources files of this english translation. Thus, for me, it is a huge work. If some volunteers want to translate my french documentation, I can open a CVS access to share files.

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