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Legal informations

4, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud,

SIRET 49119490800050, TVA intracommunautaire FR21491194908


The author accepts encouragements, chocolate, coins, an Hasselblad 503CX with optics, a gear engine for his DS 23ie Pallas, finally all that allows him to continue development of this software by releasing it from the material contingencies. If it receives a mail at this address, he shall answer you. Simply avoid thundering him...

Author will be also very glad to know with what can serve its language and especially if this one is really useful. He wonders from time to time if he should not make another thing rather than to continue to develop this obscure software. There are so much other interesting thinks to do: to learn the integral from Widor's organ symphonies for or to play the Gerswhin's rhapsodies, to develop film rolls which remain for a long time in freezer, to finish the reading of complete works of Aragon, to continue the writing of one or two manuscripts and of some TeX programs, particularly correction of the extension musixgre of MusiXTeX. I am there but it is not finished by far:

% Neume pointée (reste à débugguer entièrement)
\def\punctump #1{\punctum #1\g@punctump #1}

% Porrectus flexus deminut (soyons fous !)
  \zcharnote{#4}{\xgregchar0\vrule\@depth\z@ \@height

It will be also charmed to know its users to be able to add them in its hunting scene.

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Goal of this list is at the same time to announce new RPL/2 releases, corrections of dysfunctions, and federate a users community by proposing help for the compilation or use of the software. Any request must pass by this list.

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