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RPL/2 software is given as source files. Several operating systems are supported. Nevertheless, despite code quality, there may be bugs. I cannot quickly fix all bugs or all installation troubles except when you have subscribed to a support service.

Support service is valid for one year regardless of the number of installed workstation. This subscription is nominative.

One year support 300,00 € H.T.


RPL/2 compiler is given as binary file. Sources are not public. It requires a license by installed software. License depends on compiler version and workstation configuration and is not transferable.

A free license is available after a simple registration. This free license limits size of input file.

Compiler license is valid for one year and gives access to all new releases during this period.

One year license 750,00 € H.T.


All libraries are given as binary files. They depend on a specific RPL/2 version. Libraries licenses are similar to compiler license.


motif.rplso is a library that add to RPL/2 several Motif function required to build a graphical interface to a RPL/2 program. It requires X server and Motif support built in RPL/2.

Example: motif.rpl

One year license 150,00 € H.T.


With CGI library, you can add to your Apache server scripts written in RPL/2.

One year license 100,00 € H.T.

Galois fields

Work in progress.

One year license 750,00 € H.T.

Fuzzy Search

Fuzzysearch library implements some phonetic metrics that allow approximative name research.

One year license 100,00 € H.T.

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